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Negative pressure isolation ward, negative pressure sampling room, laboratory, etc.

medical container

Product introduction market prospect

Our company, Acalerate Taiwan, was founded in 2015 and focuses on medical device integration and virtual reality education solutions.

Our team currently focuses on technological innovation in fields such as construction, automotive, education, medicine, banking and sports events.

We successfully create virtual products such as sample rooms, classrooms, operating rooms and test fields using ultra-realistic 3D models, virtual reality, augmented reality, apps and software to achieve real-time environments.

At present, the cases we have cooperated and promoted with American customers are very successful. As part of our active international expansion initiative, the company has sales offices in Brazil, Berlin, Taiwan, Japan and India.

How COVID-19 affects the world


One of our partners is Landing Block Co, a company founded in 2018 that specializes in blockchain consulting. Later, in 2020, the company transformed into a medical supplies procurement company, engaging in the trading of medical supplies (gloves, syringes, masks) and the machinery manufacturing of gloves and masks.

Landing Block actively builds relationships with trusted suppliers in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia to provide the best prices to its U.S. and European customers. With years of experience helping customers and suppliers achieve consensus, Landing Block joins Acalerate to strengthen the team.

During the time of Covid-19, one of our proudest achievements at Acalerate is the negative pressure container. This standard container can be completely retrofitted and used as a sampling station, portable negative pressure laboratory or negative pressure office, wherever needed.

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Acalerate negative pressure container

Empty cabins are provided, equipped with a negative pressure system, for those who require a customized negative pressure room. Acalerate offers options that meet key standards for negative pressure air conditioning equipment, doors, lighting, electrical distribution and plumbing.

Acalerate hospital isolation ward container

Transform standard containers into high-standard hospital isolation wards.

Isolation containers are equipped with private bathrooms, beds, buffer zones, built-in negative pressure equipment and transfer windows. Patients with confirmed infections can use these devices to reduce the risk of disease transmission. Additionally, these devices are available for any quarantine entering the country.



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