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At the forefront of NFT 2.0.

Unlike any other existing NFT or VERO, each NFT created by Kaylarai Technologies Limited will be endowed with a core purpose:


“Functional NFTs with valuable knowledge.”


Each NFT from ACALERATE Tech Ltd. will be granted special access, allowing buyers to visit our centralized virtual museum. Users can upload their scanned digital collections and related information to the museum for others to browse and learn from. These NFTs no longer just represent traditional artworks but become a preservation method for valuable cultural assets such as historical artifacts, specimens, photographs, etc., while also providing a source of revenue for non-profit organizations.

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Acalerate Tech's unique NFT
technology and project experience

We offer customers more technological advantages and information exchange

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NFT 2.0 - The latest ERC-1155 standard

ERC-1155, short for "Ethereum Request for Comments 1155," is one of the latest generations of standards primarily used for NFTs and is also one of Ethereum's leading standards.

Early NFTs commonly used the ERC-721 standard, which was the first widely adopted standard. However, each new token created required a separate smart contract, leading to the system having to handle a significant amount of cumbersome NFT contract work. This also limited the interoperability between tokens and consumed a large amount of Ethereum's resources.

The current ERC-1155 standard's smart contracts can represent multiple tokens simultaneously. They can transmit and process multiple types of tokens at once, not only saving on transmission costs but also enhancing token liquidity.

NFT 1.0 was primarily used for basic projects such as artwork and card art. NFT 2.0, on the other hand, is at the forefront of "decentralization," offering investors the opportunity to own digital assets or certify physical assets without third-party risks. NFT 2.0 supports VERO, each with their unique talents and characteristics.

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