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Product Introduction
Market Prospects

Our company, Acalerate Taiwan, established in 2015, focuses on medical equipment integrations and Virtual Reality education solutions.

Our team is currently focusing on technological innovation in architecture, automotive, education, medicine, banking, and sports events.


We have successfully used ultra-realistic 3D models, virtual reality, augmented reality, APP, software to create virtual products such as sample rooms, classrooms, operating rooms, and test yards to achieve real-time environments. 

At present, we have many successful cases of cooperation and promotion with customers in the US. In our initiative to expand internationally, the company has sales offices in Brazil, Berlin, Taiwan, Japan, and India.

How COVID-19 affected the World


One of our partners is Landing Block Co, a company that started in 2018 for Blockchain consulting. Later on, in 2020, the company pivoted into Medical Supplies procurement, where they dealt in medical supplies - gloves, syringes, masks, and machinery to manufacture gloves and masks.


Landing Block joined the fight against Covid-19 by setting up relationships with trustworthy suppliers in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, to providing the best price points for their US and European clients’ specific needs. With many experiences helping clients and suppliers reach consensus, Landing Block has joined Acalerate to strengthen the team.

We at Acalerate are most proud of our latest achievement, in these times of Covid-19 - the negative pressure container. This standard container can be fully transformed and utilized as a sampling station, a portable negative pressure laboratory, or a negative pressure office, wherever required.

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Negative pressure isolation ward_1 - Pho


The Acalerate Negative Pressure Container
An empty cabin with a negative pressure system is for those who need to customize their negative pressurized room. Acalerate provides an empty cabin option with the specification that meets the primary standard for negative pressure air conditioning equipment, doors, lighting, power distribution, and pipelines.

The Acalerate Hospital Isolation Ward Container
We have also built a standard container into a high-standard hospital isolation ward.


This Quarantine container comes equipped with a single bathroom, a single bed, a
buffer zone, built-in negative pressure equipment, and a pass-box. Patients with confirmed infection can use to reduce the risk of disease transmission. In addition, quarantine upon entry to any country can use this equipment. 

There are ten containers, which are suitable for deployment in hospitals that lack sufficient wards. These containers allow them to increase the medical load capacity.Using this technology, a fully functional isolation hospital could be built in Hong Kong in approximately one and a half months.The Acalerate Laboratory ContainerIf the customer does not specify the model or brand of the equipment, the laboratory container provided by Acalerate can meet the standards of the BSL-2 laboratory criterion. A total of eighteen containers are suitable for temporary hospitals deployed in remote areas with the following configuration: Negative pressure sampling room + 1 * Laboratory + 1 * Office.

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