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The technology we use

All AEC Autodesk software (such as Maya, 3ds Max, Revit, Live, etc...

Software engines such as Fusion 360, BIM, CFD such as software design, module construction, interactive systems, virtual reality animation, special effects, environmental interaction, post-production, system simulation, etc., can use software such as After Effects, ZBrush, Substance, Photoshop, Premiere, etc...

We have created quality beyond imagination by adhering to meticulous and high-quality modeling and mapping, powerful virtual reality interactive technology, and a professional art engineering team. At present, we have cooperated with many companies and successfully delivered products at reasonable prices, alongside customized proposals and real-world surveys.

Our goal is to give the company a VR/AR/MR presentation method that is closer to reality and closer to customers' hearts, that can all in all reduce costs and increase the value of its business model itself. We can provide an optimized virtual reality environment to enable customers In the display of products and sample rooms.

Services in:

  • Driving simulator

  • Cryptocurrency

  • EC site

  • Game design

  • Interactive experience

  • VR education

  • Science aid

  • Museum

  • Construction real estate company

  • Hardware integration

  • Mobile app

  • System integration

Multinational team at your service

​The service we are proud to provide is a multinational 24-hour uninterrupted work team, through the time difference between India, Brazil and Asian customers. The three teams continue to work with a small additional cost, which greatly increases the efficiency of customers' urgent orders.

Augmented Reality For Commercial Applications

The augmented reality service can provide customers with a preview of a pre-concept of the completed house, giving buyers a customized experience, and a combination of design previews.

Augmented reality is a technology that will replace mobile phones in the future. Smart glasses can use augmented reality to indicate commodity prices, street names, hotel prices, reviews and other daily life functions, such as portrait recognition, which can easily solve the problem of forgetting customer names. In embarrassing situations, space services can help interior designers to quickly determine the size of the space. It can be combined with museums in education. The appearance of each museum artifact will trigger the identification system and automatically link to the database to obtain information about the artifact. The development of further augmented reality will not stop at entertainment and military applications and will reach a certain height in navigation, shopping, education, and social media in the future.

Medical application and teaching

Using the advantages of virtual reality to visualize 3D human organs, doctors and students can observe human organs through virtual reality, so that they can understand the functions of human organs, how they operate, and the spatial location of human structures.

Discuss the combination of virtual reality and learning and the application of practical learning to medical education and research. The goals that virtual reality can achieve in this regard are endless.

At present, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the application of virtual reality in medicine. Using its technology to expand the use of medicine will reduce the use of general teachers by medical students, thereby reducing the waste of teaching resources.

Our team welcomes medical-related industries to cooperate with our team to enhance the progress and growth of virtual reality and augmented reality in future physical operations and education.

​Medical Application and Teaching

Customize the virtual reality floor plan. Real estate agencies can use this technology to customize the future decoration that the customer wants. The operation can also change the room decoration. When the customer uses the virtual reality to view the house, the house style can be changed at the same time. To create customer needs to change the house environment, from the master bedroom to the guest room, the children’s room to the kitchen, it only takes one click to change the style.

Module Material And Light Source

​We have a huge module database, as well as a strong design team and 3D module studio, realism that is unrecognizable to the naked eye, real materials, advanced light source collection system, different angles can change the direction and depth of the light source, thus creating more realistic virtual reality experience.

Augmented reality commercial applications

In addition to the general plan, our team boldly proposed a brand new business model to reduce costs for the client to establish a set of cooperation models that can give customers a cheap virtual reality sample house, simplify and promote new technologies at a fair price, compared to case by case model. We believe that the monthly subscription system can change the business model of business to business and create new indicators of virtual reality.

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More details can be changed and designed instantly, giving customers more flexibility to choose the interior design. From the entirety of the model to the small details, they can make changes. Compared with the general customization in the market, we use professional interior design logic to go. Making changes is simpler and faster than the overall redesigned system.

What else can we do?

We focus on computer imaging (CGI) unreal, unity, real time 3D Models, virtual working environments, 3D modules, materials, material interaction, physical properties, image lighting, art design, case organization, hardware settings, simulators, animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality to better the experience

​Technology application and industrial use

Using virtual reality and integrated reality technology, our team provides virtual reality technology. Related technologies can be used in industrial simulation, such as robotic arms, industrial processes, etc...

​Reduce the opportunity cost of occupational injuries and employee training, and maintain an open attitude towards cooperation in related industries in the future. Our team provides hardware and software integration services so that your difficulties will become the driving force for our progress.


Virtual reality and 3D module development


From past experience, we have accumulated resources to achieve inter-company service goals, such as customizing 3D module environments, selecting multiple programs, and creating value in the public sphere through interactive events and gamification.

More business solutions

Dynamic floor plan Multiple factories use the same software and the same environment as the sales booth

Hand tracking technology can automatically detect finger and hand movement

Analytics tool integrates with Google Analytics to capture behavior and usage data

Business Intelligence A dedicated online BI platform that can visually analyze data intuitively

Cloud Update that happens without interrupting user experience​

Wireless VR virtual reality uses the most advanced WiGig technology to provide a wireless experience

Holiday system Festival decorations! Your decoration changes in the middle of the year.

Professional Narrative: Express the journey to the guest in a professional and intuitive way

Interactive VR Market Expression and registration of saleable products with interactive functions

Email sent at the end of the experience and integrate relevant data to enable smart remarketing.

Finger Tracking

In the most natural way, the interaction with the virtual world will be done in a natural way. The AI will interpret the movement of the finger so that the user can interact with the experience elements. UX follows from instinctive design to virtual reality

Available interaction:

●Touch menu

●Open cabinets and drawers

●Interaction with objects

Analysis Tool-Business Intelligence

Through the project network, basic analysis data will be used for real-time visualization in an intuitive way, for example:

●Time analysis graph view

●Average experience time

●Filter by city/state/country/date/time

●Availability graphics

●Equipment version check

●VR satisfaction survey

●Customized choices and events

● is data

Hardware warranty

More Thoughts

In addition to the above-mentioned services, our "service plan"​, customers can make proposals based on your ideas, allowing us to use real-time 3D modules, mobile phone software, hardware integration, background design, VR, AR, XR and other fields Take it to the next level

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