Commercial use of virtual reality


In recent years, We have entered the world of virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual reality devices are used in the world's largest corporations. VR / AR will be a tool that will significantly change the learning method between work teams and communication with customers.


How do you explain that VR / AR will be a completely new way of socializing and learning? Today's animators and developers must start planning for the future and think about how to use VR / AR to shift towards innovation.


Traditional presentation platforms are often incomplete or lacking in storytelling, and visual communication is often the best way to convey a message. However, showing a presentation material that is too complex to the customer can be counterproductive and can lead to a complete loss of interest in the brand or product. Effective visual communication in VR and AR is more than just aesthetics, it's a medium for communicating with customers. VR / AR technology will introduce products and technologies in a more ergonomic way and enable visual communication.

Virtual Reality in Education

There are many educational examples of virtual reality, but the most interesting and straightforward approach is training for specific tasks and learning, Compared to learning via traditional methods such as books and videos. Studies have shown that people trained via Virtual Reality has a higher chance of having learnt content be in long term memory due to the interactive nature, compared to traditional methods.

For example, students studying construction management were divided into a group using virtual reality and a group using other conventional methods, and a comparative test was conducted after one session and one month later. Then, the group using virtual reality got a higher score. One of the advantages of virtual reality is that you can take the same course as many times as you like and perform simulations at any time, which is far less costly than traditional educational methods.

Blockchain for virtual reality











開発者は、仮想プロジェクトの物理的な収益化の方向性を実現するために、内部市場で顧客を見つけ、全く異なる消費者環境、セキュリティ、透明性、資金の自動配分、知的財産の保護などを保証するブロックチェーンと融合した仮想現実を作り出すことができるようになります。 ブロックチェーン上で購入したコンテンツの各部分は、ライセンスチェックやロイヤリティ配分のためのスマートな契約を自動的に生成します。このブロックチェーン仮想現実プラットフォームは、将来的には仮想現実の主要な取引通貨となっていくと見ています。

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