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Acalerate focuses on emerging technologies. With the rapid growth of VR technology, the demand for it is gradually increasing. Traditional thinking has caused the industry to not be able to convey its ideas in the most efficient way. Our team is determined to use virtual reality. augmented reality, and integrated reality technologies to break the limitations of the real world.

A business solution that uses technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality can allow customers to have a more efficient way to display their products. Our core focus is to enhance virtual reality to be photorealistic. and optimized costs compared to traditional commercial marketing. Currently, we have successfully launched products in cooperation with customers, and are favored by customers in the Americas. Our team is based in Brazil, Germany, India, and Taiwan. 

Our team focuses on sectors such as architecture, interior design, automotive, technology, education, and medical. We established an environment where customers can reduce physical marketing and operation, and use virtual reality sample houses, classrooms, operating rooms, and test centers. The instant customized functions and interactivity that cannot be achieved by the samples are advantageous for a more wholesome customer experience.

Our R&D team is currently focusing on various technologies that can be combined with virtual reality, such as artificial intelligence, especially deep computer learning. Using simple artificial intelligence technology, we can provide functions such as virtual assistants and troubleshooting. As an auxiliary solution, we also focus on distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, virtual currency, etc. Through the experience with our partners, we have prepared reliable B 2 B solutions for the automotive industry, energy, and banking industries.

At present, some companies on the market use virtual reality as a marketing medium for real estate, but most of them use a system composed of panoramic photos, and there are still a few virtual reality sample houses with 3D modeling as the core. Different from the sample house composed of general photographic panoramic photos, the virtual reality sample house can enhance its interactivity through the program so that customers can customize the house of the future with internal functions in real-time. This is more than viewing traditional panoramic photos that can be interacted with.

Virtual reality is an innovation, it provides new business solutions; virtual reality is also has no physical limit. From adding innovative elements to solving business problems, such as construction industry, interior design, real estate and other industries. Replacing physical sample houses with virtual reality sample houses is not only friendly to the environment but can also disregard space and time constraints and display the output of customers' houses and products to all parts of the world. Through real-time customization, it breaks the traditional physical limitations, meets personal needs.

Brazil HQ


"IM DESIGNS" is a start-up technology company focusing on the development of VR/AR technology. The team is mainly divided into branches in Brazil as HQ to the Americas, and Taiwan as the HQ in  Asia.


IM DESIGNS is determined to bring technology closer to life, and bring VR to the mass market.


Not only limited VR/AR to game development, IM DESIGNS pays more attention to the breakthroughs of virtual reality in business, education, and design, such as virtual reality real estate sample houses, virtual reality medical training courses, museum augmented reality applications , Virtual reality workshop operation display, gym virtual reality and other technologies. We strive to bring virtual reality and augmented reality into people's lives, and develop a unique style and taste of life.

The Brazilian headquarters was originally set up in the shared studio of Órbi Conecta, and it is now moved to the independent district office. There are 40 employees, including engineers, designers, and a virtual reality design integration team.


Our professional team has been highly trusted by the local real estate industry in South America and has signed a long-term contract with the largest local construction company MRV. The contract cases include public housing, Government housing, dome simulation, and other cases.


Our technology research and development partner Igro was invited to give a speech at the annual technology conference in Las Vegas, USA. The strength of the Acalerate team is obvious to all!