Product features

Simple interface
Cross interface system
Simplify the complexity of virtual reality
Eliminate technical hurdles
Offline operation

Real-time operation interface
Easier model for commercial use
One-click to change the virtual reality real-time environment
Customized but not complicated
​Humanized operation interface
​Operating environment tailored to customer needs

Virtual helper
Customization help
Reduce the difficulty of virtual reality
Eliminate the language barrier
Low-cost helper
Increase customer interaction with virtual reality
Increase product appeal

Future-oriented product simulation
Providing customers with virtual reality prototypes
Prototyping samples at less than 10% of conventional cost
Remove the physical constraints of reality

The internal structure of the product can be disassembled
Customize product preview
Eliminates waste and contamination of traditional prototypes
Environmentally Friendly

Customized hardware configuration
The physical limitations of the desktop computer are surpassed with the backpack computer

packed lightly, tailor-made for you

virtual reality dedicated computers

Virtual reality computers, increase the possibility of fixed-point display

It can effeciently create a real-world space of 30 square meters

Fashionable design makes the display space particularly conspicuous
​gesture tracking system included, simple yet elegant

Expand the possibilities of reality

Use Augmented Reality to provide a more convenient way of education
Augmented reality is cheaper
and more efficient with a 
Simple and easy-to-use image tracking system

More Details

Mature mapping technology
With more details within Virtual Reality, it’s harder to distinguish true from false with the naked eye
The details can be improved infinitely

Determine the details and break the wall between reality and virtual reality in accordance with the budget of the client with our photo-realistic product material camera technology

Increase work safety
​Utilization of virtual reality technology Customers can use virtual reality to simulate high-risk work environments.
Reduce the risk of staff education


Utilization of technology

Using virtual reality technology
Customers can use the virtual reality environment to simulate the experimental environment

Break the traditional 2D technology work model
Using virtual reality and integrated reality technology
Can establish a new working medium

Flexible space
After our team's development and research
​We can tailor to customer needs for customization

Provide space design
Reduce the waste of virtual reality experience spaces
​Improve the quality of the experience spaces​

From 2D to 3D

Use hand-drawn design drawings to communicate with customers
One-to-one graphic design assistance

From draft to 3D assets.

​It's not difficult to go from 3D to virtual reality​

More efficient and cheaper 3D modules

cross-border collaboration
​Products or objects provided by customers will be completed in a timely manner
While the  quality remains the same as typical 3d modules, the price is lower because of the cutting edge
​3D scanning technology, the virtual reality mall will not be unattainable in the near future

Brand new working environment

Our team provides several companies Virtual reality office services which allow multinational companies to contact and hold meetings without a sense of distance
In addition, augmented reality can provide a presentation function.

We also have the functions of other companies
Software functions we can provide:
- Real-time material changes
- Lighting setting system
- Object placement system
- Vacant home configuration     system

Natural Lighting
Our lighting technology comes in two categories
- natural light sources
- artificial light sources
From indoor fluorescent lamps to wood fires and candles simulation to outdoor natural light sources, we can create it to the point that one can't differentiate it with real life

Multilingual support
Equipped with English as the standard language
We provide multilingual interface services with the languages provided below:

Portuguese, German, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.


​We want you to imagine the feeling of living in the spaces we create

 Traditional objects such as furniture and other general items within interior design, we also provide details on the table
​From American to Japanese cuisine
Any dishes can be displayed on your future table

Save your designed apartment
Design your apartment with floor plans
Fast, easy and convenient is our aim
Our team develops
​Software that reduces the technological difficulty so that anyone can easily use it.

Use our expertise to help me 
According to customer needs
We provide hands-on guidance
to make software easier and more convenient

​Integrated Reality Development
 Our team is keeping up with the pace of VR development
​We can develop an integrated reality system
​Bring customers in addition to virtual reality and augmented reality services

​Touch-sensitive interface

Use a touch panel to simplify the difficulty of operation, customized equipment makes it easier to use

The potentials of virtual reality

With the characteristics of virtual reality, customers can create innovative projects in accordance with their own budget, and using their ideas and technology.

We work on the Interactivity between hardware equipment and software to establish the most perfect customized system.