Q: Will there be discomfort when using virtual reality equipment?

A: For the current virtual reality headsets, the resolution has been greatly improved. The image presentation requires up to 116.4 million pixels to make people feel immersed. The current devices on the market have high image quality. The limit of the device is constantly increasing, reducing the image of the device in the past that is out of sync with reality, causing dizziness and hallucinations. The current device can achieve true 4K ultra-high resolution for both eyes, and the situation of dizziness and hallucinations in the past has been significantly reduced. Most people will not have any problems if they are not used for a long time.

Q: In virtual reality, what does the view from the window look like from the area outside the operation?


A: Actually, the concept is the same as a general game, if it is an indoor case, the scenery outside the window is pasted with a photo, the live-action, the area in the street is a physical model master and layered You can create an environment that cannot be recognized by the naked eye.

Q: Can virtual reality ads get the effect that clients want?


A: Generally, builders use traditional sample houses, which are costly and take up a lot of land, but by using virtual reality, the price of the actual interior can be reduced. The same space can be converted immediately, the cost of the sample house can be reduced, and the same effect can be obtained.

Q: Is it very expensive?


A: Our team expects widespread use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and is also considering cost savings. For details, please see "Monthly rental system".

Q: What should I do if I am not satisfied with the product?

A: Our team tries to meet the needs of customers as much as possible. After discussing with customers, we will not work independently to submit the case. During the case, we will give the customer progress and sample notifications to make the finished product closer to the customer's needs. Keep in touch with customers to ensure the integrity of hardware and software.

Q: Can I use the computer to view the sample room?

A: In order to let customers know more about our products, we can use the computer to preview. For details, please refer to the product features.

Q:  What's the economic value behind virtual reality?

A: Our team has tried different business models in various countries. From construction companies, real estate, banking, museums, education and other industries, we have learned about the advantages of virtual reality and augmented reality technology in commercial use. After the exposure rate reaches the future, it will assist the overall integrity of the enterprise and increase the needs and interests of customers.

Q: How many working days does the case take?

A: The working days of the case will be changed according to the weight of the case itself. The general standard virtual reality real estate case is 20 working days, customized systems, games, and publicity virtual reality, and the number of working days according to the project's engineering needs

Q: How much does it cost to build a project?



A: It depends on what you want. Its price can be as low as US$300 to US$100,000. The size and the functionality of the project will be the determining factor. Please contact us for more detailed information and we provide you the correlating quotation.


Q :  What factors determine the cost of opening a homepage?

A : The main driving force is the size and characteristics of the particular project. The more customization required, the higher the cost. In addition, if the design team needs to be widely used, the cost will be higher. Likewise, there will be minimal maintenance costs.

Q: Why is it important to have a good website?

A: Trust and credibility. If you want colleagues and potential customers to take you seriously, you need a modern professional website. In addition, if you want to use any type of digital advertising or marketing to promote your business online, then you will need a good website.

Q : Do I need to have separate mobile and tablet sites?

A: No, we will build a responsive site. Therefore, it will detect your device and adjust your website accordingly.


Q: What is web hosting?

A: Your website must be hosted on a web server in order to work on the internet. It's like you need a piece of land (ie web hosting) to build a house on top when you want to build a house (ie website).


Q: How can I update and manage the website after it is opened?


A: Once the site is up and running, our team will help you manage and update the site.
You can also add features and make changes to the features.


Q: How long will the technology for creating a homepage last?

A: We will build a homepage using the latest technology, so I think it will last for several years.


Q: How do I complete the payment for the service?

A: At the beginning of the project, we will bear 30-40% of the project cost, and after the end of the project, we will bear the rest of the cost.
If the project is very large, payments will be made in stages.


Q: Do you have a dedicated developer?


A: Yes, we have at least a couple of full-time developers to keep the project running smoothly. If you need more developers, assign more developers.


Q: Can I hire a specific type of developer if needed?

A: Of course, we will have a meeting first and customize the team according to the customer's request.


Q: How much input do I need for web development?

A: Lots! Your opinions and feedback are very important to the process. First, we work with you to meet your needs, preferences and requirements and develop the right look and functionality.


Q: Who decides the content of the site?


A: If you need help, you can provide the content and assign the right people to do the job.


Q: Is it possible to build a site in multiple languages?


A: Of course, if you provide the content, we can build a site in multiple languages.


Q: What kind of front-end and back-end technology do you use?


A: We use all the latest and most advanced technologies currently on the market. After the first few meetings, we will identify the technology that suits our customers.


Q: By when should I contact you?


A: You can contact us at any time. We will reply to you as soon as possible (please note that on weekends and holidays).


Q: Does the location matter?

A: No, it doesn't matter. You can build and deploy your site wherever you are.


Q: Can I get involved in development?

A: Yes, we like to work closely with our customers, so we appreciate your feedback.


Q: I bought the site for the first time. Can you help me with the assembly line?

A: Absolutely! We have our own process, in which we can make informed decisions. The last thing we want is that you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.


Q: How many times can I modify the design?

A: Usually, we make 2-4 major modifications after the project is finished.


Q: What is web hosting?

A: A web host is a server that responds to requests to access your website. It is another computer connected to the internet with the sole purpose of delivering your website to users. Every time I visit a website, I connect to another computer somewhere in the world to browse.


Q: Do you need web hosting?

A: Yes. This is what makes your site accessible over the internet. Please contact us for more information.


Q: What is a domain name?

A: Your domain name is a memorable phrase used to access your website, usually "yourbusinessname.com". Each computer connected to the Internet has a long string of unique numbers that identifies itself, called an "IP address." If you don't have a domain name, you'll need to remember your IP address to see your site.


Domain names are purchased using a "registrar" similar to the phone book. When someone enters your domain name, the registrar looks up your domain name in the back office and returns your IP address. That way, their computer knows where your site is.


Q: Do you develop unit test cases?

A: Yes, if that is one of our customers' requests, that's right.