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Exclusive WEB 3.0 and Blockchain 

Endpoint Authentication Technology Limited is a leading provider of blockchain software design and consulting services, boasting a highly skilled engineering team composed of seasoned professionals, including Ankit and Claudio, who have held executive and CTO positions at Fanzone in Germany. Positioned at the forefront of WEB 3.0 and the blockchain revolution, we offer high-quality services at competitive prices, backed by over three years of extensive experience, providing unparalleled expertise.

We specialize in WEB 3.0 and blockchain technology, positioning ourselves as industry leaders in this rapidly evolving field. Led by Ankit and Claudio, our team brings extensive knowledge and practical experience, dedicated to designing, developing, and implementing blockchain solutions.

Ankit Kumar

Our CTO has served as a key executive at Fanzone, contributing significantly to the company's success. Ankit possesses a deep understanding of WEB 3.0 and blockchain technology and has made outstanding contributions to the WEB 3.0 community on GitHub. He has played a crucial role in shaping the rules and regulations surrounding this revolutionary paradigm shift.


Claudio Weck

Our project consultant manager, former CEO of Fanzone, brings extensive professional experience and leading skills, specializing in the WEB 3.0 and blockchain domains. His experience and expertise enable him to effectively lead teams and deliver innovative and impactful solutions to clients.


Lawson Edward Marlowe

Lawson  is a tech developer specializing in web and blockchain. He developed websites in New York, co-created the award-winning app Verona, and served as Chief Technology Officer of Fanzone media GmbH, a Berlin-based WEB 3.0 start-up focusing on blockchain-based digital trading cards. Post-Fanzone, he continues to innovate in blockchain and web3 technologies.


Custom Blockchain Tools

We offer a variety of customization options to meet a range of client needs, from security to identity customization. These tools include secure profiles, tokens, and collectibles that can exist permanently in the online world. These tools can integrate with other online services, becoming real digital assets accessible only to their owners. Through our technology, end-users can truly own and customize their purchased items.



Digital, Permanent Identities

Create perpetual online profiles for customers or employees, allowing users to have a permanent, updateable, and customizable personal space to store all their digital purchases, achievements, and other collectibles.


Decentralized Collections & Marketplace

Users can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and engage in transactions with other users through a simple login mechanism and customized payment tools.


Blockchain Auctions

Sales of any digital tokens can also be auctioned through built-in systems or external services.


Permission Management on the Blockchain

Ensure that your company maintains security over Web3 tools. Individual employees, teams, and clients should only be granted access to the specific functionalities you designate, achieving unprecedented control over your digital systems.


Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Seamless Integration

External apps selling products or providing customer/employee experiences enable easy login and payment through a classic web application that modifies and updates the blockchain in real-time. With high security and easy access, even

changes on the blockchain can modify information in the connected app!


Next Generation of Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens

With our new non-fungible tokens, you can store and modify information in unprecedented ways. Each token has a unique identity, allowing you to create new tokens with varying values based on these identities. Through these new tokens, you can potentially increase the attributes of existing tokens or decrease the value of others over time. This opens up unprecedented possibilities!


Bulk Transaction Processing for Blockchain EVMs

We have developed a system capable of processing a large volume of transactions every minute, increasing speed by 20 times. This allows customers to complete large-scale business transactions in an extremely short amount of time, enjoying faster service.


Permanent, Non-Transferable (Soulbound) Tokens

Create digitally permanent and non-transferable tokens, providing your employees or clients with a unique digital collectible without the need for transactions within the application.


Custom Software-as-a-Service Builds for Large-Scale Blockchain Needs

We can build a complete system for companies looking to integrate the aforementioned technologies. This will be an easily accessible and controllable tool, accessible only to authorized personnel. You will have full control over how the system operates and can make any necessary changes at any time.


Continued Advice and Customer Service

When using the new system, our blockchain experts and developers will provide multi-language support for customers, resolving technical issues, and offering assistance and training courses.


Affordable and high quality service

端點科技提供一個可輕鬆整合到您的系統中的解決方案,讓我們的團隊能夠以超值優惠價格提供卓越的Web 3.0和區塊鏈服務,為您的業務帶來卓越的行銷效果。


Endpoint Technology Certificate offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a focus on blockchain software design and consulting, we empower organizations to leverage the transformative power of decentralized technology.


Expertise in Blockchain Development

Endpoint Certification Co., Ltd offers comprehensive blockchain services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in blockchain software design and consulting, empowering you to harness the transformative power of distributed ledger technology.

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Full Stack Development Capabilities

Our full-stack development team excels in both front-end and back-end development, providing end-to-end solutions. We are proficient in multiple programming languages, including C++, C, Java, Python, C#, MATLAB, and JavaScript, ensuring the security and scalability of applications.

Server Room

Data Analytics for Insights

Our team specialises in extracting valuable insights from application data, providing businesses with meaningful analytics on user behaviour, performance, and other relevant metrics. We employ data analytics tools and techniques to empower clients with actionable information.

Digital Rings

Holistic Blockchain Solutions and Consultation

We specialize in extracting valuable insights from application data, providing meaningful analytics for businesses covering user behavior, performance, and other relevant metrics. Through data analytics tools and techniques, we offer practical information to our clients.


Comprehensive Testing Services

We provide comprehensive testing services, including unit testing and manual testing, to ensure the flawless quality of your blockchain applications.

DNA Strand

Database Creation and Management

We assist businesses in setting up and managing databases for blockchain applications, covering expertise in both SQL and NoSQL aspects. We help clients choose the most suitable database solution for their projects, ensuring effective data management.

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Effective Project Management

We offer comprehensive project management services, encompassing planning, resource allocation, risk management, and monitoring and control. By overseeing the entire project lifecycle, we ensure its successful completion while mitigating risks.

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Seamless Integration of Blockchain Technology

We assist businesses in seamlessly integrating blockchain technology with existing systems and processes. Working closely with your developers, we ensure smooth integration for enhanced process optimization and increased transparency.


Customised Batch Coding Solutions

We specialize in developing batch processing scripts and procedures to streamline operations, automate tasks, and enhance the performance of your blockchain applications.

Catching Up

Automation Deployment Expertise

We utilize the popular automation deployment tool Jenkins to automate the deployment of your applications across different environments. This saves time, ensures consistency, and facilitates hassle-free deployment.

User Interface

Python-Based Tools for Analytics and Problem-Solving

Our expertise in Python allows us to develop small yet powerful tools that automate routine tasks, perform data analysis, and solve complex problems. These tools enhance operational efficiency and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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Reliable Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the security and optimal performance of your blockchain applications. Our team offers technical support, error resolution, and feature updates to ensure smooth operation of your systems.

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