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​Product Advantages and Services


Multinational team
24hr service

Our immensely proud international team provides professional services around the clock, 24 hours a day, through the close and efficient collaboration of teams in Taiwan, India, Brazil, and Germany. This relentless work ethic significantly enhances the efficiency and quality of handling urgent customer needs. This cross-cultural collaboration model showcases our team's global perspective and embodies our dedication and professionalism in fulfilling our client commitments.

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Customer Profile Selection

Finger Tracking

We are dedicated to creating the most natural ways for users to interact with the virtual world. Utilizing artificial intelligence to interpret finger movements, users can intuitively interact with elements of the virtual experience. This UX design, originating from instinct, extends throughout the virtual reality experience.

Examples of interaction methods include simple menu touches and selections, opening or closing 3D models, and actions like picking up and assembling items. In addition, we have designed other special actions or gestures for more humanized operations, reducing the limitations of traditional controllers and further enhancing interaction with virtual reality. Meanwhile, we continuously enhance the customizability of functions, even simulating complex actions such as medical surgeries or tactical guidance, making the entire virtual interaction experience richer and more realistic.


Creating the Most Realistic Modules, Textures, and Lighting with Minimal Capacity

We boast a vast and comprehensive module database, a talented and experienced design team, and an advanced 3D module studio.

Our meticulously crafted virtual reality experiences achieve an ultimate level of realism in details, including nearly indistinguishable real-life detail representation and highly realistic texture sourcing.


Additionally, we are equipped with cutting-edge light source collection systems, capable of flexibly adjusting the direction of light and depth of field. The combination of these innovative technologies significantly enhances the realism and immersion of virtual reality experiences, making them not only astonishing but also profoundly memorable.

Virtual Product Display

We offer our clients forward-thinking product simulation services, utilizing virtual reality technology to enable previews of products. This method is cost-effective and breaks through physical limitations. We deconstruct the internal structure of products and provide customized product previews, allowing clients to intuitively experience products in a virtual world. This approach not only saves on the cost of traditional samples and reduces pollution but is also a more environmentally friendly choice.

Flexible Space Design

Through our team's relentless efforts and in-depth research and development, we have become capable of offering more flexible and customized space design solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

We aim to significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of the overall space utilization in virtual reality experiences while reducing unnecessary wastage of space. This innovative design philosophy and approach not only reflect our deep understanding of technology and client needs but also demonstrate our determination and ability to lead innovation in the industry.



Acalerate x IMxr 在 XR 行業中脫穎而出,這歸功於高水平技能、創新方法和全面的服務模式的融合。我們的核心能力涵蓋了幾個關鍵領域,通過端到端解決方案的提供:
● 需求分析:我們首先徹底理解和定義項目需求,確保與客戶目標的一致性。
● 定制開發:我們的開發過程高度適應性,利用最先進的技術和創新方法構建量身定制的解決方案。
● 高效交付:我們保證及時有效地交付最終產品,遵守最高行業標準。
● 持續維護和支持:軟體部署後,我們提供持續的支持和定期更新,確保長期性能和可擴展性。

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Our Expertise



● Acalerate x IMxr 在 XR 領域中是技術創新的典範,擁有廣泛的技術專長和開發方法論。我們團隊的專業知識,經過七年的磨練,涵蓋了廣泛的技能和技術,確保我們始終處於行業的前沿。



關聯式數據庫:專精於 PostgreSQL 和 SQL,確保數據完整性和高效查詢。
NoSQL 數據庫:熟練於 MongoDB 及其他 NoSQL 數據庫,提供靈活、可擴展的數據存儲方案。

● 整合 AI 和機器學習:利用 AI 和機器學習算法提升模擬、數據分析及決策過程。
經驗豐富的 AI 框架應用:使用 TensorFlow、PyTorch 等高級 AI 工具和框架。



● C++ 和 C#:精通這些強大的程式語言,使我們能夠開發複雜的高性能應用程序,專注於實時處理和效率。
● 腳本語言:精通 Python 和 JavaScript 等腳本語言,促進快速原型製作和自動化。



● WebXR:專攻 WebXR,用於創建沉浸式網絡應用程序,將 VR 和 AR 體驗直接整合到網頁瀏覽器中。
● 前端開發:精通 HTML、CSS 以及現代 JavaScript 框架,用於互動和響應式用戶介面

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