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Customized game marketing


Bring your brand story into the popular world of Fortnite! We specialize in creating customized gaming experiences, allowing your product or brand to shine in this globally beloved gaming platform. Imagine your logo or product becoming an integral part of Fortnite, known by millions of players worldwide.

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Customized game experience island

Fortnite Arena

Cooperative Advantages


Perfect Replication of Real-World Scenarios

Utilizing advanced technology to accurately recreate real-world stadiums and domes, offering players an immersive virtual experience.


In-depth Brand Integration

Skillfully integrating customer brands and products into the game, achieving unique brand exposure and deep interaction.


Innovative Virtual Product Sales

Providing customized virtual products, such as team memorabilia and limited edition items, opening new sources of revenue.


Enhanced User Interaction and Engagement

Strengthening the connection between users and brands through interactive game elements, increasing participation and user loyalty.


Precise Target Market Positioning

Focusing on specific gaming audiences for precise market positioning and promotion, ensuring effective advertising.


Data-Driven Market Insights

  1. Using player behavior data to gain deep market insights, optimizing product and marketing strategies for sustained growth.


Customized maps, shapes, game modes, etc., this is not just a game, but an innovative marketing method that subverts the traditional publicity model and opens up new interaction and exposure channels for brands and products.
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